Installs in less than five minutes.

It's simple to install AXIS Gear. Everything you need comes included in the box.

Gear is a DIY product so there is no need to hire professional installers.

User-friendly and intuitive controls.

Control your shades from a smartphone, or up-close and personal with Gear's intuitive on-device controls.

App control.

Easily control one or multiple shades with a simple tap on your smartphone app.


Compatible with iOS and Android devices.


Pick from one of our preset schedules or build your own to perfectly fit your lifestyle.


Schedule your shades, intuitively and easily.

App Control


On-device controls.

Why take out your phone when you're right beside your window anyway?


Instead, control single or groups of shades directly from Gear's stunning LED touch interface.

Solar panel

An internal lithium-polymer battery is continuously recharged via a solar panel.

Runs on batteries

AA batteries inside the power module ensure you always have juice to spare.

Battery life

Up to six months with no sunlight.


Automatically receive notifications from Gear’s app if the battery level gets too low.

Battery and solar powered.

Ask more from your home. Less from the environment.

How does Gear compare?

Anyone who has explored motorized shades knows how expensive they can be. Gear is a cost-efficient and smarter alternative.


Can I keep my shades?


Control Options

Smart Home Integration

$159 - $189


D.I.Y. in 5 Minutes

Smartphone, on-device


Solar Panel + Battery


$400 - $1000+


Pro installation, 2 hours (min)

Remote $40+ (per room)

Wired (solar or battery extra)


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