Meet Gear. It motorizes and automates shades, including the ones you already own.

Works with any shade

Smartphone control

Home automation

Keep the shades you love.

With one feature-packed device, you save time, money, and headaches.


  • Keep your current window shades
  • Lifts any size or weight
  • Simple DIY installation

Looking to motorize your Venetian/mini blinds or shutters?

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Make your home work for you.

Unlock the potential of your home with a simple tap of Gear's powerful app or intuitive on-device controls.

Wake up to sunshine for more refreshing mornings.

Come home to more relaxing nights.

Your Smart Home, even smarter.

Finally add motorized shades to your Smart Home to fully experience the luxuries of a hands-free home.

Improved room comfort.

Lower your energy usage.

Central control of your home.

Solar panel

An internal lithium-polymer battery is continuously recharged via a solar panel.

Runs on batteries

AA batteries inside the power module ensure you always have juice to spare.

Battery life

Up to six months with no sunlight.


Automatically receive notifications from Gear’s app if the battery level gets too low.

Battery and solar powered.

Ask more from your home. Less from the environment.

On-device controls.

Why take out your phone when you're right beside your window anyway?


Instead, control your shades directly from Gear's stunning LED touch interface.

How does Gear compare?

Anyone who has explored motorized shades knows how expensive they can be. Gear is a cost-efficient and smarter alternative.


$199 - $249

$400 - $1000+

Can I keep my shades?




D.I.Y. in 5 Minutes

Pro installation, 2 hours (min)


Solar Panel + Battery

Wired (solar or battery extra)

Control Options

Smartphone, on-device

Remote $40+ (per room)

Smart Home Integration



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What People Are Saying

Simple and straight forward install. Loved using it as a natural alarm clock. Showed the wife how to use it easily!

I love the way the unit looks and feels. It's very cool-looking and doesn't detract from the decor (of my home).

Packaging and the un-boxing experience was nice. The device looks great!

I definitely see the potential in the Axis. Hopefully I can test it out again at some point!

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