About us

At AXIS, we are driven by a passion to invent, innovate and disrupt. We believe in creating beautiful and functional products for the home of tomorrow for the forward-thinking people of today.

Our vision is to create beautifully designed smart devices that make your life more comfortable. So, join us as we start by making smart window shades accessible to anyone and everyone.


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Meet the team

Trung Pham
Manu Menon
Alan Cheng
Marc Bishara
Clifton Pereira
Matthew Vultaggio
SoonFay Yee
Nabeel Ahmed
Nisheeth Gunjan
Sungjune Lee
Luis Marquez
Jenny Choi
Javraj Sagoo

Our values

At AXIS, we believe that the way we work is just as important as the things we work on.

Culture at AXIS is everything. Click below to view the core values that define us.