The easiest way to automate your existing window shades


Create schedules

Let your shades work for you, not the other way around.

Smart home integration

Finally add motorized shades to your smart home.

Battery & solar powered

Never worry about charging with the included solar panel and backup AA batteries.

Simple DIY installation

No installers or a degree in rocket-science required. Install and setup Gear in minutes.

AXIS Gear is an easy and affordable way to motorize your window shades

NOW 40% OFF!

$249.00 USD

$149.00 USD

Using beautiful design and innovative software, Gear is a smart device that lets you easily control and schedule when your shades open and close, making your home more comfortable and secure. You’ll never have to touch your window shades again.

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Gear works with ANY SHADES as long as its CORD/CHAIN IS LOOPED.

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Voice control

Through SmartThings, you can control your shades with your voice. Axis Gear integrates with Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Plus or Google Home.

App control

Control your shades right from your phone. Lower your shades to shut out the glare, or open them up to enjoy the view. Create schedules for automatic behavior - just set it and forget it!

Product image
Product image

Touch control

Already beside your window? Just tap the position you want your shades to move to and walk away.

Why choose AXIS Gear?

Let our customers tell you why they use our product

Jen P

I recently purchased two units and installed them myself (I am usually not handy with this type of stuff) but it was very straightforward. Love the simplicity of it and that I can connect my phone to operate it remotely. I have set it up so that the blinds open and close on a schedule. Great for when we're away and the plants need light. Uses a solar panel so I don't have to plug it in.

Justin M

I tried a few options for my shades in the bedroom and none of them were able to lift my heavy shades... until now! AXIS worked very well and it was actually simple to setup. Great product guys!

Brian B

I installed these in my entire house, all 7 windows and a large patio door with ease and very quickly. The app and programming was simple and user-friendly. I love these and I get comments from everyone who have been over and seen them in action.

Rich T

I guess, this is one of the best smart home purchase we have made. Our condo is facing the afternoon sun and Axis scheduled app is the perfect solution to automatically close the curtains and preserve the energy, thus, also lowering our electricity bills. Installation was easy, packaging was the best! It has all the materials you need

Buy AXIS Gear now and get 40% off!

$249.00 USD

$149.00 USD

- Keep the shades you love
- Lifts any size or weight
- Smart home integration
- Simple DIY installation
- Battery & solar powered
-Create schedules


30-day returns

Free tech support