Meet Gear. The easiest way to automate your existing window shades.

Control your shades with your phone, voice, or a simple tap.

$249.00 USD


$149.00 USD

  40% Off

Motorize your existing blinds and shades for just $149.00 USD.

What Gear can
do for you

Gear easily attaches to your window shade to make them smart. With powerful components and a design that speaks for itself, discover all the ways Gear can compliment any room to complete your home.

Keep the shades you love

Keep the

shades you love

Save time and money by upgrading the shades you already own.

Lifts any size or weight

Lifts any

size or weight

Guaranteed to lift your shades or your money back.

Smart home integration

Smart home


Finally add motorized shades to your smart home.

Simple DIY installation

Simple DIY


No installers or a degree in rocket-science required. Install and setup Gear in minutes.

Battery and Solar Powered

Battery &

solar powered

Never worry about charging with the included solar panel and backup AA batteries.

Create Schedules



Let your shades work for you, not the other way around.

Touch and Go

Touch & go

Already beside your window? Just tap the position you want your shades to move to and walk away. Perfect for your family and guests.

True comfort is at your fingertips
App Control

App control

Control your shades right from your phone. Lower your shades to shut out the glare, or open them up to enjoy the view. Whether you have a sleeping baby in your arms, you're hard at work, or simply want to impress your guests, your shade control is just a tap away.

Create schedules with Gear. Just set it & forget it.

Solar Powered

Solar Powered.
For your convenience

Gear's internal battery is continuously recharged via a slim solar panel that fits discreetly on your window. Inside the solar panel are 12 AA batteries that acts as backup power.

Plus: A Power Adapter is provided for free exclusively from our website (not available from third-party stores).

Will your shades work with Gear?

Gear works with ANY SHADES as long as its CORD/CHAIN IS LOOPED.


Plastic beaded chain
Plastic beaded chain
Plastic beaded chain
Plastic beaded chain
Metal beaded chain
Metal beaded chain


Draw string
Draw string

Order now to save 40% and get free shipping

What’s included in your Gear

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Order now to save 40% and get free shipping

...affordable and doesn’t require you to replace your entire existing shades or blinds…

Techcrunch (DIY) products for tech-savvy homeowners and renters.


...physically sleek, compact, even elegant.


Not only can Axis Gear help reduce energy usage, but it draws power from solar panels that are optimized for indoor use with indirect sunlight.

New Atlas

AXIS brings convenience to an entirely new level with this window shade opener.

Discovery Channel

.that kind of custom job can cost about $1000 per window unless you take a look at AXIS Gear.

FOX News

A smart system for motorizing and controlling window shades or curtains.


$149.00 USD

  40% Off

Motorize your existing blinds and shades for just $149.00 USD.

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Free US shipping
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30-day returns
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Free tech support